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Flip Coach Covers

✓ Marketing, Lead Generation, Property Locating
✓ Analyzing Deals & Due Diligence
✓ Negotiations, Funding Solutions & Closings
✓ How to Calculate Profits, Remodeling & Contracts
✓ Work at Your Convenience (any experience level)

✓ Available for Public Speaking Events

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Grow Through Real Estate

Traditionally, flipping property takes place when you buy low and sell for a profit, usually after renovations. Whether you are looking to buy for a long-term investment or for a quick turn, Flip Coach can help you. Nathan Hunnicutt's excitement about real estate will overflow to you, helping you realize that your investing is closer to reality than you think. 

Have you attended expensive real estate seminars? You leave feeling highly motivated, and then reality sinks in. What you really need is help, in person. Nathan Hunnicutt is Flip Coach, and he is ready to help you, starting from your knowledge-base. And here is the Flip Coach Pledge: You won't find a lot of hype here, just action about flipping. Whether you are a beginner or have investing experience, Nathan will guide you through your first purchase, or to your next level of investing. 

You will learn how to find deals and analyze them. You will learn how to negotiate contracts, how to fund a deal (no money down does exist), and how to close. You will learn how to fix problems and turn property into profit. And, if part of the process stops you in your tracks, Flip Coach is right beside you, to close the deal.

Delivery Methods Include
✓ Live, Hands-On Training in Your Own Town 
✓ Virtual Training (email, video conferencing, phone, etc.)